I'm learning something new. Here is why:


Scene: Mikelle sits at her computer and reads her email. One is from Teacher.

Mikelle reads aloud: Print every logo, layout, book cover, magazine spread, and packaging design you have ever done. From Teacher.

Mikelle: (To herself) Okay-a-do. I will. . . Oh, yeah. I've hated every branding and rebranding I've ever done. I choose graphic design because it was the only practical art. The only way to make money. Oh, yeah. I'm not sure (looks upward as though asking for forgiveness) I like computers as much as I like doodling. In fact! I hate every straight-lined, typographically-stale, computer-generated logo, layout, book cover, magazine spread, and packaging design I have ever done. I just want to get paid to doodle!

Exasperated, she leaves her computer for almost three hours! Then, she spends the next three days printing out every straight-lined, typographically-stale, computer-generated logo, layout, book cover, magazine spread, and packaging design she has ever made. She picks out 25% of these, places them nicely in her portfolio.

Scene: Class. Mikelle is showing her portfolio. Her energy makes her armpits sweat and her hands shake.

Teacher: Wow. What is this? This is so amazing. You are amazing, amazing, amazing. (Or something like that, she can't remember. :))

Mikelle (responding in an emotional way that catches Teacher off guard): I hate it! I never want to see it or show it or get a job based off of it ever! I want to doodle and live off my husband's money! (She says dramatically, as though her work was the plague and her husband a millionaire.)

Teacher: Uh, ok. So. Do a textile portfolio.

Mikelle: Yes, a textile portfolio. Lovely plan...


So, I thought I'd work on all that textile stuff in nine months, when I was done with my degree. Instead it is becoming my degree. This means I have to produce as much work in nine months that I should have been taking four years to make. And I have no idea how to do it or where to start. I have a huge amount to learn:

-sewing/pattern making
-types of fabrics
-dying techniques
-fabrication techniques
-color in relation to fabric
-texture and fabric
-a whole new vocabulary
-and the list goes on...

But learn it I will. Because I don't want a job designing logo for other people's great ideas.

It happens that there is a severe shortage on info about this whole process. I have loads of books that tell me how textiles are made. But how do I put together a portfolio? Who do I show said portfolio to? etc. etc. etc.

I don't know. I'm trying to find out. I'll keep you updated on assignments I give myself, I grade myself, and you can protest that I cheated and my grades should be lower!

Ready? Go!

(The print is a textile by Josef Frank. Buy yours here. I'm going to look at it every time I want to cry because I don't remember what a lamé is.)


  1. Oh, Mikelle. That sounds so excitingly fabulous! I am thrilled for you. You are amazing. You can do it, girl!

  2. A textile portfolio sounds really interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. If you're interested I have a loom that you'd be welcome to come and take a look at if it's useful to your projects.

    (p.s. this is Sarah from your Graphic Interface class, just in case you're wondering)