The Lily Garden: Personal Project

For "The Lily Garden" logo concept I wanted to capture quiet, subtle elegance of lilies with this logo. I also wanted to make sure that the logo didn't lose it's playfulness.

A simple pricing sheet could also be made for those planning on printing the list on their home computers. The following (excepts from a full version) could be available on the website for people to download for a reference. (Allowing customers to view the images and all info at anytime without having to go on the internet.)

My catalog concept focuses on the beauty of lilies. After finding a ton of great photos on Flickr of lilies, I came up with an idea that "The Lily Garden" could use: have a photo contest! The winners get credited photos in the catalog and "The Lily Garden" gets the benefit of the great photos while improving relationships with its customers.

Each new section would feature a full photo spread of a flower (with the use of the subtle outline of the lily image mark infused in these photos).

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