El Fin

My graphic interface design class is over. Part of me is sad (the part that understands HTML), the other part of me is happy (the part that hates Flash). I still use HTML on a regular basis and I keep learning new things about it. Flash was just so frustrating for me. However, I did learn a lot that I will need to know if I choose to work with a programmer in the future. (My HTML website can be viewed here: http://seeeme.org/)

I've completed the flash quote. I liked that assignment. I did each frame by hand so it would have a choppy feel. You can see it here: http://fall09-2.graphicinterfacedesign.com/mwilliams/anim/mwilliams.mov

The flash website is also up. You can see this one here: http://fall09-2.graphicinterfacedesign.com/mwilliams/flash/EarthKidsFixed.swf

My top five favorite HTML sites (from section two only):

My top three favorite dynamic text movies (from section two only):
1. Joni Severe's Goonies quote (can't find the link - sorry)

My top three favorite flash sites (from section two only):

Some things I didn't like about the class included:
-The time! It is hard for me to think from 4:00 - 7:00.
-The time! It also took so long to do things. Especially in Flash. For me. If I thought, "Oh, that button is not working, I will fix it. It will take ten minutes." Then it inevitably took 3 hours.

Some things I liked about the class included:
-The creative process. I love the freedom that we had. Our assignments weren't so specific that we all had the same website. As I was looking through everyone's work again, I noticed how different everyone's work was. I love that.
-The web process. Normally, as a graphic designer I have to wait months from beginning a project to see how the finished product looks. The neat thing about this is that you can see updates whenever you want. It is also fun to create something that you can interact with, rather than a piece of paper you can just look at.


Catch-up: Graphic Interface Design

I finished my html website! Hip, hip, hooray! However, our young, hip demographic has changed into retired persons (also hip). I might have to change things up. I've had a great time knowing html. I didn't want to learn but it's been so useful.

You can view the finished project here: http://seeeme.org/

You can also see what I mean about the usefulness of html be clicking here: http://seeeme.org/mrsbellsclass.html I gave presentations to 7th graders all day on Friday then made this form for them. It made them even more excited.

Now we are learning flash, much more intuitive. Currently, we are designing animated text of a 30 second audio clip. Mine is a "Flight of the Conchords" clip. It's funny. My poster (from which the animation takes it's cue) is here:

A really helpful link about flash. It's lovely. http://tv.adobe.com/show/flash-in-a-flash


Font Squirrel

If you would like high(er) quality fonts for free, check out this website: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/.

Seeeme.org Website Round Two

After showing the Seee Me board members my first drafts, they gave some excellent feed back. They wanted more earth tone colors, more focus on the children, etc. I really wanted to represent all the color of Uganda. Often, when people make propaganda concerning Africa, they neglect to do this. I find that really sad because Africa is color! Anyhow, I think the changes made us all happy.

After I had done that, my husband (recent MBA graduate) pointed out some things I could add to make the site more interactive and (hopefully) help us raise more money for the orphans at Byana Mary Hill (read some information about the Byana Mary at our sister foundation's website).

Also, I made a little "how-to" for a class assignment here. It is about html code, so probably not that exciting to the general public. I had to make a quiz to go along with it, see here.

On a random side note, I was googling "Byana Mary Hill" to see if I could find info about them and my youtube video came up. On Gawkk. Under celebrities. Some "famous" actor named Jonah Hill put it up on his videos because it had our cute little Jonah (raising his eyebrows) in it and it was at Byana Mary Hill. Weird. And, I want my video back.