Seeeme.org Website Round Two

After showing the Seee Me board members my first drafts, they gave some excellent feed back. They wanted more earth tone colors, more focus on the children, etc. I really wanted to represent all the color of Uganda. Often, when people make propaganda concerning Africa, they neglect to do this. I find that really sad because Africa is color! Anyhow, I think the changes made us all happy.

After I had done that, my husband (recent MBA graduate) pointed out some things I could add to make the site more interactive and (hopefully) help us raise more money for the orphans at Byana Mary Hill (read some information about the Byana Mary at our sister foundation's website).

Also, I made a little "how-to" for a class assignment here. It is about html code, so probably not that exciting to the general public. I had to make a quiz to go along with it, see here.

On a random side note, I was googling "Byana Mary Hill" to see if I could find info about them and my youtube video came up. On Gawkk. Under celebrities. Some "famous" actor named Jonah Hill put it up on his videos because it had our cute little Jonah (raising his eyebrows) in it and it was at Byana Mary Hill. Weird. And, I want my video back.

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