Catch-up: Graphic Interface Design

I finished my html website! Hip, hip, hooray! However, our young, hip demographic has changed into retired persons (also hip). I might have to change things up. I've had a great time knowing html. I didn't want to learn but it's been so useful.

You can view the finished project here: http://seeeme.org/

You can also see what I mean about the usefulness of html be clicking here: http://seeeme.org/mrsbellsclass.html I gave presentations to 7th graders all day on Friday then made this form for them. It made them even more excited.

Now we are learning flash, much more intuitive. Currently, we are designing animated text of a 30 second audio clip. Mine is a "Flight of the Conchords" clip. It's funny. My poster (from which the animation takes it's cue) is here:

A really helpful link about flash. It's lovely. http://tv.adobe.com/show/flash-in-a-flash

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